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Institute of Inorganic Chemistry



Universtiy of Zurich
Institute of Inorganic Chemistry
Winterthurerstrasse 190
CH-8057 Zurich

Prof. Dr. Roger Alberto
Secretary Office: Y 34-G-68
Nathalie Melunsky-Fichter
Phone: ++41 44 635 46 54
Fax: ++41 44 635 68 03

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Welcome to the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry

The Institute of Inorganic Chemistry at UZH is a focused center of competence with three full professors and two assistant professors. We work on the rich inorganic chemistry of metals and metal ions, because their chemistry is of immediate importance for almost all aspects of science and society: Life itself depends on metal-ions - industrial catalysis is almost completely based on metal complexes - and many pharmaceuticals can only be accessed with metal-catalyzed reactions. This realm of metal-mediated processes inspires our interdisciplinary research topics at the ACI. Our activities range from application of metal complexes for diagnostic and therapeutic medicinal purposes over the study of metal-RNA interactions and plant methallothioneins to structured functional nanomaterials and photocatalytic water splitting. This diversity reflects our enthusiasm for inorganic chemistry, and it carries our discoveries into neighboring disciplines.